We want to tell engaging stories, where the player has the ultimate freedom of choice
Who are Owlcats?

Owlcat Games is a team of developers united by a love of RPGs. From our beginnings as a small group of games industry veterans obsessed with the idea of making our dream games a reality, we have grown into a truly international company, with our headquarters and development in Cyprus and more than 450 employees spread across offices in various countries. We are continuing to expand and take on new hires from around the world, and we also get together every week to play tabletop games in the office and on Roll20 online.



Owlcat Games was founded


Talented people

Our mission

We want to tell interesting stories where the player has total freedom. We believe that freedom should not merely extend to dialogue options. It should be woven into gameplay as a whole. It was this principle that guided the development of isometric RPGs of the past, and we continue to follow it.

But despite our commitment to the traditions of CRPGs, we are not afraid to introduce new players to the genre. We foster close links with our players and do our best to incorporate their feedback into our development process. We also strive to make complex games and mechanics more accessible.

Our studio aims to revive the former popularity of the CRPG genre, bring it up to modern technical standards, and create a space where people who love these games can discuss them with their friends.

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